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Client Testimonial

  • I am ZeeIB user for last 1.1/2 years and I admire its capabilities. I am using ZeeIB to manage footwear retail and footwear wholesale business. ZeeIB is really very helpful in increasing sales with minimum stock levels, through refilling the stock assortment levels and inventory remains updated always. It is also very helpful in managing stock dispatches. I strongly recommend ZeeIB to all footwear retail chain and wholesale business for management of their sales, inventories, future planning, and accounts receivable positions of customers and payable to suppliers. Its amazing software based on cluster system if you have multiple branches online.

    Heel Top Shoes - Jamshed MD - Rawalpindi
  • GTMS brought me agency the power we needed. at a price i could afford.

  • I wanted to come in and say ‘this is how I want this done’, and GTMS (Global Travel Management System) was flexible enough to meet all our demands and tailor-make our program for us.

    Central Asia Travel
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