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Global Travel Management System

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GMSGlobal Travel Management System (GTMS)

As a travel agent, you have so many good trips arrangements with different time, area, customers and prices, you may busy on the phone with a lot of paper notes around you on your desk...

Here we offer you a very useful tool to make your job easy and never get the chance on forgot some important thing.

The acclaimed ZeeSOL Global Travel Management Software (GTMS) suite is based on well proven technology with a powerful MySQL relational database at its core.

The GTMS, which is based on a distributed client / server architecture, now incorporates an updated ont only available in Desktop GUI Technology but also reports can seen on Mobile / Tablet using browser technology.

The software suite provides the following features as standard:

  • National and international travel management tools optimised specifically to address energy industries requirements in both onshore and offshore applications.
  • Comprehensive Financial Accounts.
  • Multi-user, Multi-access control system and stable system
  • Offer inventory from multiple 3rd party GDS systems/Consolidators
  • E-File System (Pax scanned document can attach/view/print)
  • IATA / Airline required reports pattern available
  • Sale Register with powerful search engine and different pattern
  • BSP reports with ACM/ADM’s
  • Sale and Refund data entry on one screen available
  • Exchange Ticket search facility (very use full in every Travel Agent)
  • In single invoice can attach unlimited Passengers and every Passenger can deal with different Agent/Airline
  • Complete Financial Accounts system with vouchers supported
  • Party Ledger with search and multi-reports supported
  • Any Tax reports
  • Pending Ticket Ticket-wise Letters with multi patterns
  • Day Book / Sale Book / Cash Book / Bank Book with multi-reports
  • Accounts Receivable / Payable Reports
  • Pending Funds receiable from Airline/Agents report
  • User Alert system
  • Data Backup module daily/weekly/monthly
  • Phone Call supported (if modem is attached)
  • Email Module

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