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Automatic Data Scan and Populate into Application

Automatic Data Scan and Populate into Application (ADSPA) Management System

We are pleased to introduce first time in Pakistan an ADSPA Management System in a very secure channel using 2D Barcode Scanner.

Doesn't it make sense to save every paisa in the present day scenario? Using online ADSPA Management System is a surefire way of saving money.

Data entry for a company that deals with loads of data should not be done manually. This will only give way to a bigger mess if during audit, many human errors will be spotted. In order to do away with these huge mistakes when collecting data, many businesses are now starting our ADSPA Management System.

How work the ADSPA.

We develop a PDF form based on your Data Entry Form (like Admission Form etc). That form will be uploaded on your website where the user can download and fillup at his/her premisses. After the completion of filling, the user will print out said form on his/her cost.(means your all cost regarding printing and men hours etc.will be saved.) Our ADSPA software will generate automatically a Barcode on the hard copy (when user Print out the form). When user bring that print-out to the office, our ADSPA solution will simpley read the data from that print-out using a 2D Barcode Scanner and insert into already in-house developed software within a seconds without any error or mistake.


  • Bar Coding is a fast, easy, and accurate way to collect data.
  • It can read barcodes omni-directionally. Whatever the orientation of the barcode is, it will still be recognized by a 2D scanner. Thus, you can steadily hold the scanner without caring about how the barcodes of each item being scanned are positioned. This feature reduces user fatigue and read times.
  • it is more reliable by having only one trigger switch. This feature helps reduce failure when using the scanner which means less downtime resulting to an efficient process.
  • Easy to use; no need to align print-out and scanner; virtually no training required.
  • Designed to endure the rigors of everyday use for maximum reliability and uptime and a low total cost of ownership.
  • Optimized scanning speed delivers robust performance and accurate capture of a wide variety of bar codes. Swipe speed programmable up to 100 inches/254 cm per second.
  • They allow real-time data capture and exchange with: 0 error per even 1,000,000 characters with bar coding
  • 1 error per every 300 character with manual key entry

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