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1. Travel Agent Solutions - (ZeeTAS)  


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      Can be the heart of any travel organization, by tracking all business process inside your company automatically, providing tool for travel inventory management and having full compliancy with various financial systems. Our system is based on MySQL/Oracle server database, allowing simultaneous use for large number of users. This product can be easily adopted by major and mid-sized organizations, due to short integrations time span and ease of system use.

2. HR & Payroll Management System - (ZeeHRMIS)
      Perfect Zee’s Payroll Software module streamlines your payday functions and improves accuracy by eliminating time-consuming and error-prone manual processes. Create a seamless flow of data from the Time & Attendance module into payroll.


3. Dental Clinic Managment Information System - (ZeeDCMIS)

It is just the right software you need to manage your dental clinic, with all the facilities to maintain patient history, manage appointments, store pictures of pre and post operative images taken through an intra-oral camera and to print patient detailed report with pre and post operative images.

4. Financial Accounts, Inventory Management, & Point Of Sale - (ShopSol)

ShopSol is an essential tool for any business maintaining inventory, whether you use QuickBooks, Simply Accounting, Peachtree, Line 50, or MAS 90 and 200 by Sage. Our inventory software lets you receive items from vendors and compare physical counts with the quantity on hand in accounting, in a fraction of the time and cost of doing it by hand. In addition, ShopSol assists with the task of creating professional bar code labels for complete and accurate inventory control. ShopSol will tighten inventory control, increase accuracy and reduce employee hours, making the return on investment almost immediate. Best of all it works seamlessly with our software Our Point of Sale is the ideal choice for any retail establishment who wants to speed up their sales, simplify their accounting and make the most out of their business information. Our matured developed software working on following businesses:-

  • Shoe Retail / Whole Seller Business
  • Cloth Retail / Whole Seller Business

5. Financial Accounting System - (FinanceSol)

It is a simple accounting software package designed for self-employed individuals and small business. End the frustration of tax returns by knowing your exact financial position at the end of each month Stop wasting time sifting through receipts and paperwork by having instant access to your financial records Get paid faster by tracking who owes you money and producing professional invoices and statements

6. Zee Hospital Managment & Information system - (ZeeHMIS)

ZeeHMIS is designed for multispeciality hospitals, to cover a wide range of hospital administration and management processes.It is an integrated end-to-end Hospital Management System that provides relevant information across the hospital to support effective decision making for patient care, hospital administration and critical financial accounting, in a seamless flow.

7. Motorycycle / Vehicle Lease + Cash / Inventory Management Information System - (LeaseSol)

As LeaseSol provides comprehensive billing and collections capability. Each on-road unit can be associated with a lease management contract. It can control as following

  • Inventory Management
  • Motorcycle / Vehicle Cash Sale
    • Invoice Print out for Tax / Registratiion
    • Deliver Challan
    • Client Ledger Maintain for future reference and for book keeping.
  • Motorcycle / Vehicle Lease Sale
    • Client Invoice
    • Tax / Registration Invoice
    • Lease Contract
    • Authority Letter Print
    • Deliver Receipt (Front / Back side of paper)
    • Installment Ledger
    • Installment Receipt may handle following task
      • Monthly Installment
      • Security / Advance
      • Registration Fee
      • Recovery Free
      • Sales Promotion
      • Processing Fee
  • Guarantors Information with Picture
  • Defaulter List - Monthwise
  • DayBook / Cash Book / Bank Book / Sale (Cash / Lease) Book
  • Account Ledger
  • Cash / Lease Sale Report
  • Inventory / Stock Report
  • Receivable / Payable Statement
  • Profit & Loss (month-wise statement) 'Very usefull and unique report'
  • Trial Balance

8. Flour Mills Management Information System - (FlourSol)

This software is developed using latest and advanced techniques by the expert software engineers. The software offered by us can easily be installed in the systems and offer accurate results. Widely appreciated by the clients, this software is demanded by various organizations. These are very generalized and customizable.

it covers following:

  • Inventory
    • Keeps record of all kind of inventory processes
      • Arrival (Purchase / Purchase Return)
      • Issue (Sale/Sale Return) / (Production)
  • Production
  • Sales
  • Purchase
  • Accounts
    • It is integrated with full fledged accounts module. So there is no need to maintain accounts in a separate software.
    • All processes of inventory control are auto linked to accounts system so whenever you add or change any entry all accounts reports are automatically updated without any delay.
    • A well defined created chart of accounts
    • All kinds of vouchers
      • Credit Voucher (Cash Receiving Voucher)
      • Debit Voucher (Cash Payment Voucher)
      • Journal Voucher
    • Separate bank vouchers
      • Bank Deposit Voucher
      • Cheque Issue Voucher
    • Account + Party Ledgers
    • Cash book
    • Receivables + Payables Reports
    • Auto Trial Balance
    • Auto Profit & Loss
    • Balance Sheet
    • Monthly Expense Chart
    • City wise Receivable Report
  • Misc Features
    • Very user friendly working environment
    • ll vouchers and invoices are printable that helps you to remove all manual work.
    • All reports are printable
    • All reports can be exported to MS-Excel, PDF
    • Opening balance and opening stocks option gives you option to start your system during the financial year
    • Powerfull Back System for daily/weekly/monthly/yearly
    • Each and every entry is recorded with the user details who has done it.
  • Strong and easy to apply user security
    • Complete software can access from anywhere in the World through internet based on powerful security system.
    • Unlimited users creation option
    • security can be applied on every report and form
    • Back entry locking for operators
    • Each and every screen and its functions like new entry creation, editing of existing entry and deletion of entry can be secured by setting privileges to users.
    • Multi User Environment
    • Client/Server technology
    • Back date entries possible for administrators

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