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About Us

ZeeSol  is a young company with experienced staff in custom software development. We combine passion with the latest technologies to build innovative solutions suited to each business and institution. Our experience in complex applications is one of the most valuable assets that we offer to our customers. Regardless of the complexity of the project, WE have the solution.

Our resources are focused on providing the most valuable software solutions for POS, Production Industry, Distribution, Whole-Seller, Shoes Shops, Dental Clinic Management, enterprise resource planning, customer relationship management, augmented reality, mobile applications and integrated systems. We are using the best practices, standards and methodologies for the entire life cycle of each application - software or web, from the design to the successful implementation and post-delivery support.

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Why Us

Software Outsourcing- Remote Teams dedicated to your cause

For a business to succeed, it needs to be able to accommodate complex software and business requirements of its clients, backed with robust software solutions and cutting edge technology. However, given the expansive and complex nature of information technology and the expertise required, it is not always feasible for most businesses to develop and maintain this capacity in house.

Our software outsourcing program enables such businesses to fill in the gaps between technology, expertise and resources. At the same time, helps reduce costs and allows you to concentrate on your core business competencies. As your channel partner, Creative Chaos serves to complement your existing competencies with its vast and varied expertise in information technology. We offer dedicated remote teams as well as resource based offshore outsourcing.

From networking companies to marketing agencies and consulting firms to tech startups, we extend outsourcing partnerships to businesses that require more technical expertise but cannot afford to develop these capabilities in-house


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